Entertaining Children on Airplanes

Entertaining children on an airplane gets easier as they age. However, in the early years, if you’re fortunate enough to travel with your kids, flying with them can be a hassle and a nightmare. In order to maintain your sanity (and that of those around you), you will need to figure out what makes your child happy and use that to keep them entertained.Every child is different. So it’s important to realize that as you read tips on on methods to calm your child, entertain your child, or travel with your child, take them for what they are worth – suggestions. Some kids are easy-going; some are high-strung; some kids are content with a book while some have to stay active. The common denominator amongst them is that it takes much more effort on their part to regulate themselves. And that’s where you as a parent come in.There are many ways you can entertain your child on a plane.
Pack their favorite storybooks and take time to read with them.
Use play-doh as a form of entertainment and also stress relief if your child has anxiety flying.
Purchase an appropriate in-flight movie for them or better yet, travel with a portable DVD player and their favorite flicks.
Play cards with them.
Nowadays, many families have either an Itouch or an Ipad – allow your child full and total access.
Get up and walk down the aisle with them so that they can stretch their legs and see other parts of the plane.
Ask the flight attendants to show them the galley area of the plane or explain to them what they do.
If traveling with an infant, be sure to have enough milk – sleep and eating are their main sources of entertainment.
Walk up and down the aisle with your infant child to help keep them soothed.
Be sure to have enough snacks on hand to help keep your child entertained – don’t be surprised that food can be a good source of entertainment for your child.
Bring their handheld video game system, the music player, the automated book or whatever digital media you have that they enjoy.
Remember that your child’s entertainment on the plane is designed for their comfort in flying as well as yours and not the other passengers around you. Should none of these suggestions work to keep your little one entertained or comfortable, keep it simple and do whatever works for your child.

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